This service is for students who would like to study abroad and take the heroic journey which normal ones wouldnot take. We help them find their best programs and universities and the best possible solutions for their Educational Concerns. You dream and we make it happen.

This service is for anyone who would like to understand and pursue their passion. We don’t want young generation to waste their time doing what they are not meant for. A fish and a monkey are not put in the same test if its Whizz Europa. We give them different tests. We are right now focussing on Under 17 Students as we understand prevention is better than rectification.

FREE CAMPAIGNS IN SCHOOLS- Whizz 4 Passion Campaign (w4p)

We are conducting free campaigns in schools in order to generate an awareness for the importance of pursueing their passion while studying itself. We need everyone to nurture their passion and be successful and happy for a lifetime.Schools who are interested can either mail or call us. 

It is exclusively for the employees in any offices/organisations/ Institutes etc to build passion in what they do. In a company 64% is actively disengaged employees. We are focusing on them and making them actively engaged.

People need a push to go ahead with their passion. Whizz Europa team performs in all the malls, events, and any public areas to give a campaign that we are there for passion. The only platform for uplifting passionate people.


We understand that people are not having a wider approach regarding another culture, another place and a new person. So we are promoting travelling. We have our Whizz Europa vehicle in Europe which will take you from Airport and make you travel all the major cities in Europe and be a travel buddy for you. You travel, explore and wonder with Whizz Europa.


We are revolutionizing the world with a new industry. That’s passion. We will launch the app soon for anyone who can show the world what they are.