Our story

Whizz Europa found that Education System which is being followed did not undergo any changes or updates since 1800's. The education system which was formed during the industrial age was formed to make sure that people can take instructions and execute it well. But in the present world, the current generation is so creative and enthusiastic so they are looking forward to that reboot of the system. Whizz Europa takes up this responsibility.

When there is an issue, there will be a solution. And if the solution is being given by a group of people with passionate minds, there arises a successful business model. Whizz Europa is a platform for passionate people. In it's journey it realized that people are not at all happy as they are doing what they don't love. So Whizz Europa decided to be a Research & Development center which is researching only on the concept Passion. We deal with every age groups.


We are creating a new Industry- Passion. 

It's just connected. We have solution for all the issues that a human being face from the stage of kid till being an old guy. Everybody is craving for doing what they love. Here is where we would love to provide them solution. We started our research to find out what is lacking in people’s life. Then we found that it’s just loving what they do. We struggled a lot to find the reason. And that’s passion. We developed a lot of products and services to help people do what they love.


When the whole universe is open and you are adventurous enough to explore the world what is pulling you back from feeling AT LEAST EARTH? When people have started visiting other planets, why hesitate to feel at least earth?

If the world is a book and the place where you live is a page, what you need is a teacher to make you read the full book and that is WHIZZ EUROPA”


Our Approach

We understand that each of us are unique in our own way. Not everyone understands the necessity to pursue their passion and find their life. Some people need a push in order to start chasing their dreams.

We call ourselves “push”.

Yes, we found that there are people who lacks a push in order to find their journeys. 

Whizz Europa helps you to go, find, chase and defeat those dreams of yours which you thought were always impossible.

The logo for Whizz Europa stands for the 4 pillars of passion.

* Skills
* Talents
* Imagination

* Skills- These are the abilities which you get after a training, exposure or experience in something.
* Talents- These are the abilities which you get by birth.
* Knowledge- These are the information which you have after learning about particular topics.
* Imagination- The creativity/innovation which you use for bringing new methods for executing the existing thing.

When these four coincides at one point, that is called PASSION.

We can be passionate at anything if we know what are these four pillars of passion in us. For each person, it can be different. Life is all about using these four pillars to enjoy success.

Whizz Europa stands for Passion and passionate people. We have researched enough modules to help people with our findings. We are just gonna make the world passionate through our different products.

"WE for Whizz Europa"