Message from CEO

Abhishek Sasidharan 
Hi Fellow Whizz Europeans!! I would like to start my message with a question.

How can one be successful? Many would claim that it’s all about money. Many  would  claim that it’s all about inner peace. I would rather say, if we are able to  find what our purpose is and finish it off that’s more than success. A purpose is  something which we don’t know and the only way to find it is to follow our passion. Passion is something which we always like to do without any hassle. When I told “without any hassle” I was not talking about  the achievements that we can make from it. As the world already has a running system which works on stereotypes, the world will always want you to be normal. So break the stereotypes and do what you love. This is not easy and this is where Whizz Europa comes into focus. We are there to help you break the stereotypes. For the first time in the world, there is a platform to help you achieve your passion.

Benjamin Franklin said that some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75. People select profession either by getting fascinated by the money factor or the safety factor. Both are dangerous. If you put your passion as the main constraint both of this will fall into place. So We welcome you all to the platform and be a part of it by concentrating on your passion and rest all is our job. We will make you an achiever.”WE for Whizz Europa”.


The company’s vision is to see a world where everybody does what they love and love what they do.


Mission is set as small milestones to make sure every age group is getting recognized and appreciated for the little things they do with love than imitating or trying to become someone else. So we have School Education Activities, Study abroad activities, corporate training, Passion academy for artistic passion coaching and an Android app for everything. We aim for all the age groups with variety of products.


We know the world is dying to do things which they love. The system is pressurizing every individual from an early age to do things which they don’t. So we are the only platform which has taken the virtual product passion into real life products which will help every different group in a different way. So the aim is set to bring back passion to people’s lives. We all were once doing things which we loved. Somewhere we lost it. Our job is to being it back.


13-17 years- Passion Development Programs for Schools

17-25 years- Study In Europe for your Passion zone areas

25-years- Corporate Training for Employees to love what they do

02-90 years- Android app for finding and going ahead with what you love and get exposure.

Our Passion Academy is for every age group to go ahead with what they love and We Talk  (Whizz Europa Talk) is an initiative taken for interviewing and promoting Unique individuals who are trying to do something different in their life.