Difference between a traveler and a tourist.

I am a traveler. When I said, I am a traveler, I meant it. Everybody loves to address themselves as a traveler after completing few trips to few places. But aren’t they confused with the two terms tourist and traveler? I have many friends who just tell me about how big traveler they are. But when I come to know about their journey, I realise they are just tourists. They preplan their trips one or two months back. They have hotel bookings, guides, plans to make sure their trip an awesome experience. But a traveler is never like this. They are a different species. They just do not have any plans and they have setout to explore themselves. They have no worries about the outcomes of spontaneous plans. They are quite sure that everything is going to be alright. They are ready to experience the whole trip no matter it is good or bad. Tourists are those people who set out to see the new places so that they can tell the world that they have visited these places. Travelers are those kind of people who setput to explore themselves. They are ready for solo trsveling as well. The ultimate aim is to seek yourself in the world. Adventures, spontaneous activities, sudden parties, new culture, everything adds spice to them. In this article, i didnot specify being a tourist is a bad thing. Tourists and travelers enjoy the places. But surely dont get confused with what you are. Passion for traveling is not everyone’s cup of tea. So chill !!!!!

What you should do in order to find your purpose.

I am a traveller. And I would really happy to share my experiences which i got through constant struggles and travelling. Spirituality for me is self realisation. And I believe the more I know myself the more I know the world. I found one thing common all over the world. People are not happy doing something which they dont love. But people who love their job actually does great work. Steve Jobs quoted “The best way to do great work is to love what you do.” Everybody is living with a purpose. The life is incomplete without finding it. Purpose is something which gives meaning to your life. It can be a situation, event, a process or just a moment of your life which gives an entire new meaning to your life. Now how to find your purpose. Just following your passion, you will end up in your purpose. Can’t believe?….  Yes I mean it. By just doing what you love you give yourself such a free time to explore your life and you wil gradually reach that moment in your life where you find ultimate happiness of your life. 80% of the crowd doesnt reach here and die without finding their purpose. In other words just like how Benjamin Franklin said – most of them die at the age 25, but we bury them at 65. Thanks Abhishek Sasidharan CEO – Whizz Europa

4 pillars of passion

The logo for Whizz Europa stands for the 4 pillars of passion. * Skills* Talents*Knowledge* Imagination * Skills- These are the abilities which you get after a training, exposure or experience in something.* Talents- These are the abilities which you get by birth.* Knowledge- These are the information which you have after learning about particular topics.* Imagination- The creativity/innovation which you use for bringing new methods for executing the existing thing. When these four coincides at one point, that is called PASSION. We can be passionate at anything if we know what are these four pillars of passion in us. For each person, it can be different. Life is all about using these four pillars to enjoy success. Whizz Europa stands for Passion and passionate people. We have researched enough modules to help people with our findings. We are just gonna make the world passionate through our different products. “WE for Whizz Europa”

Why Whizz Europa is destined to change the world?

Whizz Europa Passion Development and Research Center It is a platform formed to educate people about the importance of passion. And its vision is to create a world where everybody does what they love and love what they do. So it is having different activities to encourage passion in every age group.     Passion Development programs in Schools Here we go and have classes with modules and assessment which helps students to find their passion and go ahead with that. Planning to make it a syllabus. Study Abroad Consultants For helping Indian students with consulting and Guidance to study abroad. Corporate training Giving training to employees to love their job Passion Academy For coaching and inspiring others passion by performing in events, taking interviews, Conducting classes and workshops, Creating Short films and ads etc. Android App An android app for inspiring people to follow their passion.

Why is it important to do something for the world?

“ I am rich, fit, and I have mastered almost everything I wanted to master. Why am I still not happy and still not satisfied?” – posted in Quora by Anonymous Answer by Karim Elsheikh: “Human happiness (as we know it) is caused by 4 basic chemicals: Dopamine Endorphins Serotonin Oxytocin * On your journey to become fit, your body released endorphins to cope with the pain of physical exercise. You probably began to enjoy exercise as you got into it, and the endorphins made you happy – temporarily. * On your journey to become rich, you probably completed many tasks and goals. You probably bought all the things you’ve ever wanted. Nice cars, beautiful clothes, and a perfect home. This released dopamine in your brain when you achieved your goals and bought these things, which once again contributed to your happiness – temporarily. So what about the other two chemicals? It turns out that human happiness is incomplete without all 4 chemicals constantly being released in the brain. So now you need to work on releasing serotonin and oxytocin. “How do I do that, Karim?” Serotonin is released when we act in a way that benefits others. When we give to causes beyond ourselves and our own benefit. When we connect with people on a deep, human level. Writing this Quora answer is releasing serotonin in my brain right now because I’m using my precious time on the weekend to give back to others for free. That’s why you often see billionaires turning to charity when they have already bought everything they wanted to, and experienced everything they wanted to in life. They’ve had enough dopamine from material pleasures, now they need the serotonin. Oxytocin on the other hand, is released when we become close to another human being. When we hug a friend, or shake someone’s hand, oxytocin is released in varying amounts. Oxytocin is easy to release. It’s all about becoming more social! Share your wealth with your friends and family to create amazing experiences. Laugh, love, cooperate, and play with others. That’s it my friend! I think it all comes down to the likelihood that you are missing two things: contribution and social connection”

Happy news for Indian Students in France- Stay back of 2 years :)

Indian students in France can now extend their stay in this country beyond completion of their studies as can French students in India. The agreement was signed on 2015. This is possible under an agreement signed between the two sides during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which concluded on Sunday. The two sides agreed on the new scheme to allow Indian students in France and French students in India to stay for a period of 24 months. The scheme offers Indian Visa for 12 months renewable once for a period of 12 months for 250 French students and a ‘second residence permit’ of 12 months for the Indian students in France following the 12 months already granted. A joint statement issued after Modi’s talks with President Francois Hollande said: “the two Leaders expressed their satisfaction at the growing exchanges between the two countries in the field of education and agreed to take steps to increase the number of Indian students studying in France and French students studying in India.” They welcomed in particular agreement between India and France to facilitate the professional experience for their students in both countries after the completion of their courses. Under this arrangement, Indian postgraduate students shall be allowed the benefit of a 2 years special residence permit in France and 250 French students would be permitted yearly a maximum stay of 2 years in India under the VIE Scheme of France to join French companies operating in India. Talking about this here on Saturday night while addressing NRIs, Modi said, “Indian youth, who come to France to study and want to continue here for some time after studies, can do that now.” He said this will give an opportunity to these students to learn about practices in France which can be implemented in India so that the country rises to new heights of development.

Importance of Passion in our life- Whizz Europa

You cannot become rich or achieve any other sort of achievers / an achiever / the achiever in aliveness if you don’t have the warmth of your sprightliness or passion about what you are doing. Be it the simplest matter or the most sophisticated thing , you need passion in order to succeed . ” When a piece of work , committal , and joy all become one and you grasp that trench well where passion lives , nothing is impossible . ” . You have a 9 to 5 tasks drawing a good salary,   you have a good mob and all’s well with the public. But the deep interior, you feel like you are going nowhere. The occupation isn’t moving upward either. You are actually stagnating in your career and mentally and spiritually. Something is missing. In the following days, we will take a look at how important passion is and what different forms it must take in order to point our lives in the right focus, i.e; in the way of super success. what is your real calling in animation? Passion The one quality that textbooks and instruction manual and troupe operation will never lecture about.  Everyone is in such a hurry to brand you convulsion perfectly into the political machine like a well-oiled gear wheel, that they forgot you are an aliveness, notion man being. Even you have forgotten. Ask yourself. If I had a one thousand vaulting horse in the savings bank, what kind of work would I be doing? Would I grub this humdrum task and move on to something really exciting? Something that I have always wanted to do? Then ask yourself – why am I not doing that right now? Is it because of peer pressure or because I don’t want to move out of my comfort zone? Don’t want to rock and roll – and-roll my sauceboat? You are one-half asleep in your boat already and in a few years, you could be put out to pasturage!  If the boat rock and roll now, you could be jerked awake and come to your sentence. Your passionate senses. You don’t have to wait for dire straits to rock you out of your present mediocre life.  You can decide right now, that you want to live and work passionately and shuffling your life worthwhile. Finding Your True Passion ” Nothing is great in the world than working for passion. “

Polish Universities are on the top list with a reputation of new Education Hub

Polish universities among the top 500 in the world!    Living and studying in Poland !!! Situated in the center of Europe, Poland is among the largest and most populous countries in the region – ninth largest in Europe by area, and sixth in the European Union (EU) by population. Poland has enjoyed strong economic growth in recent years, particularly since joining the EU in 2004; in the midst of the economic crisis of 2009, Poland was the only European nation to report economic expansion. With a history dating back for over a thousand years, Poland’s cultural heritage is incredibly rich. This includes its longstanding traditions in the higher education sector, with the first university in Poland founded in the 14th century. Today, Poland is becoming an increasingly popular study destination, with more than 46,000 international students choosing to study there in 2014/15. For many of those who choose to study in Poland, the country’s appeal is augmented by its relatively low living costs, which remain below those of most EU members. University fees are likewise relatively affordable, typically no more than US$4,000 per year. Click on the tabs below to learn more about the top universities in Poland, popular cities for students, applications, visas and more. Universities in Poland There are more than 500 universities in Poland, most within the private sector. The country prides itself on its many notable university alumni, including the first ever woman to win a Nobel Prize, Marie Curie, and the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. Six universities in Poland feature in the QS World University Rankings® 2016/17, while 15 rank within the top 200 in the QS University Rankings: EECA 2016 – a dedicated ranking of the top universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia. Here are some of the highest ranked universities in Poland:

Top 5 Myths about Studying Abroad

1. Studying abroad is too expensive At first glance, it may seem impossible to handle the financial side of your future studies: tuition fees, living expenses, study materials. However, there are many ways to overcome these difficulties. Those include scholarships, study grants, part-time employment. Many students managed to finance their studies, so it is very realistic to find a way to accomplish your dream. 2. University world rankings are the way to choose the best university for you. Not always. It is usually better to look at the ranking of this university in your particular subject. For example, if you wish to study chemistry, Technische Universität München is in the top 25 European best universities to offer programmes in chemistry 3. It’s difficult to be admitted to a foreign university because of differences between the education system in your country and the one abroad. Most universities accept foreign students based on their high school transcripts (for undergraduate level) or bachelor transcripts (for master studies) and English language test results. 4. It is impossible to be accepted to highly regarded universities like Oxford or Cambridge Even though a very small percentage of applicants gets accepted to such universities, there is still a chance. It is important to know what is your true “calling” and work hard starting from elementary school. 5. All universities accept applications till late May The deadlines for applications depend on the university and the chosen program. For some universities deadlines can be as early as January for the fall intake. So, it is important to choose the program(s) you will be applying for as early as possible.